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Unlike other internet-based travel agencies, we here at Enchanted Life Travel believe in making one on one contact with our clients when ever possible so that their dream does not become lost in translation.

We have heard from many new clients about the horrors of using booking sites and how what they wanted in a Dream Vacation turned into a nightmare. Though we do use the internet to our client’s advantage through Facebook and our website and with our travel partners, we feel its best to begin the process with a phone call or a chat through our website.


We need to have as much specific information from you as possible. When you first contact us, we can start with some general information ( noted below ) so that we can get a general idea of what you are looking for… but please remember that it will take some time and lots of conversations to get your Dream Vacation planned… we plan your trip like it was for us, so please be prepared to make a new friend!

Please have some of these details ready for us when we connect with you

  • Full Names & Date of Birth for all travelers
  • Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Email
  • Travel Dates
  • Type of Vacation
  • Previous Travel Experience
  • Budget: We know to automatically look for the BEST value for your vacation dollar.

To begin planning your next Dream Vacation, please click the button below to meet one of our Dream Makers to get a quote started for your next Dream Vacation